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General Information

State of South Dakota
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All salon, booths, schools, and individuals licensed under the provisions of SDCL 36-15 shall provide a safe and sanitary place for the practice of cosmetology, esthetics, or nail technology and equip it to give service in a manner that will protect the health and safety of both employees and clients, and is subject to inspection by the constituted authorities. See SDCL 36-15 and ARSD 20-42 for complete requirements.

IMPORTANT: Each item of equipment used on a client must be clean and sanitary at the time of use. After an item is soiled or used, it must be kept separate to prevent its re-use until cleaned.

5. Equipment: First-aid kit; 5-pound ABC type fire extinguisher for each 1500 square feet of space in a convenient location and always in a condition for use; sufficient number of outlets so that no cord or other electrical connection constitutes an obstacle or fire hazard; sufficient towels/linens so that a clean and sanitary towel/linen shall be used on each client; closed, clean containers for clean towels/linens and equipment; closed container for used towels/linen and
equipment; station for each working licensee; nail table with lamp, chair, and covered waste receptacle for each working licensee; pedicure station for each working licensee; facial chair and equipment for each working licensee; closed container readily accessible to all licensees for the sanitation of all instruments or separate containers for each licensee which shall contain a bactericidal, virucidal, and fungicidal disinfecting agent that is registered with EPA;
closed, clean container for each station for storage of all clean equipment used in direct contact with a client; Electric files shall be specifically designed for use on the human nail and documentation shall be provided upon demand; Microdermabrasion machines are allowed under certain safety/sanitation procedures; Pedicure footspas shall be cleaned and disinfected before each client.
6.Sanitation and Safety Procedures: wash hands before working on clients; disinfecting agents must be available for immediate use at all times; all fluids, semifluids, creams, and powders must be kept in clean, closed containers and dispensed with a disinfected spatula, shaker, pump or spray dispenser; electrical equipment must be disinfected by removing foreign matter and applying a disinfectant which stops bactericidal, fungicidal, and virucidal activity; disinfected electrical and nonelectrical equipment shall be stored in separate, clean, closed containers; single-use articles shall be disposed of immediately after use in a closed waste receptacle; multi-use articles shall be washed, disinfected, and placed in clean, closed containers; and any multi-use article, tool or product which cannot be cleansed and disinfected is prohibited; all waste shall be removed daily or as needed; floors shall be made free of hair and other debris after each client. The blood spill procedure must be followed when there is a blood spill. Birds and animals,
except for aquariums and service animals specifically trained for the disabled, are prohibited.
8.Prohibited Equipment, Products. and Procedures. Dermaplane, dermabrasion, ultrasound, blades, laser energy, ionizing, radiation, knives, and any tools that invade the skin or living cells; liquid monomer nail products containing methyl methacrylate monomers (MMA); chemical exfoliation prohibitions shall include unbuffered alpha-hydroxy acids at concentrations greater than 15 percent, buffered concentrations of alpha-hydroxy acids of 10 to 30 percent where
pH is less than 3, any concentration of formulation of alpha-hydroxy acids greater than 30 percent, any concentration of formulation of TCA, peel formulation of trichloracelic acid, peel formulation containing pheno or resorcinol, or salicylic acid which acts on living tissue.



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